KEYC - What To Do If Your Tulips Come Up Early

What To Do If Your Tulips Come Up Early

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With disappearing snow and warmer than usual temperatures, both you and mother nature may be veering toward spring a little early.
But the expert we spoke with says you can dive right in, so long as you're doing it right.
"So your grandma's tulips are coming up. What great news. Everyone wants it to be spring. Tulips don't mind it that cold. If deer are in your neighborhood, start spraying with annual repellant so the deer don't eat them. If it gets cold again. They might have some frost damage - there's really not much you can do about it," Sarah Malchow of Drummers Garden Center and Floral said.
That's a helpful tip as we approach spring. But one of the old standbys is maybe doing more harm than good.
"Who doesn't want to get out and tinker with this forecast? You might be tempted to rake your lawn, and I say this every spring - please don't do that. Raking... it feels so good, you rake up those big piles of grass - but what happens when you do that is you're damaging the tiny grass plants that haven't had a chance to get going," Malchow said.
So that's something you can't do... how about what you can.
"It's a good time of year to prune your fruit trees, crab apple trees and most shrubs that don't have their leaves on them," Malchow said.
It's not much, but it should ease the spring fever just enough.

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