The Cleveland boys basketball team is a force to be reckoned with...
The Clippers have multiple playmakers ... but none with better hair than senior Jaiden Zishka...

The Clippers Jaiden Zishka is a solid defender....forcing turnovers...and defending the rim...
"Jaiden's amazing on defense, I think he's one of the biggest game changers that we've had in the program since I've been here," said Dan Fredrickson, Clippers Head Coach. 
"Having my long arms on defense helps us a lot and be able to do what we do defensively in the half court," said Zishka.
And a lot of times, creating all those turnovers fuels the squad's transition offense.
"The biggest thing Jaiden brings for us is a defensive presence on top of our zone. He's so long where he can create steals and get easy run-outs in transition. He brings a lot of energy, he's kind of the spark plug to our whole team," said Carter Kopet, Clippers guard.
Throughout his tenure as a Clipper, the forward's developed his game as an offensive force....hitting the thousand point milestone earlier this year.
"I think I just got more confidence, and stuff started flowing better, and practicing all the time," said Zishka.
"He's definitely transformed into a more well rounded game for ball handling to even a leadership role. He's done an outstanding job with that. This year he's shooting the ball better from deep, he's shooting about 61 percent from the field so he's doing a really nice job," said Fredrickson. 
Zishka's energy and dominating presence he brings to the floor is why he's this week's KEYC Scheels All Sports Boys Prep Athlete of the Week.

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