Cortisone shots are injections that may help relieve pain and inflammation in a specific area of your body.
 "I'll try doing some just anti-inflammatory agents or sometimes considering oral steroids first is an option. If those things aren't really working we take a more targeted approach," Family Medicine, Dr. Colin Weerts said.
 An option for some patients before considering surgery or more involved interventions.
 "This is considered kind of a minimal invasive thing so I think about that before I'm thinking about sending someone to surgery especially if it's a patient that surgery isn't a good option for," Weerts said.
 Image guidance is used for targeting specific areas and getting the needle in the exact spot.
 "As an example these round structures here are tendons in the wrist and if for example we wanted to inject one of those we would go ahead and scan and we would sterilize the area do the whole procedure under sterilize technique and basically just use the real time imaging as a guide to put the really small need in and get into that tendon sheath or even a joint," Digital Imaging, Dr. Chris Neeley said.
 An option used to improve the quality of life for individuals.
 "It can limit pain it can increase mobility it can we do a lot of injections in the clinic too like knee injections and shoulder injections too," Weerts said.
 The time frame in between injections differs from patient to patient.
--KEYC News 12