A local teacher is bringing science to a whole new level at Loyola Catholic Schools in Mankato.

His knowledge of science is impressive, but his dedication to his students is even more so.

Upon entering Chris Biehn's classroom you may think that you're entering a museum. There are animals, molecules, robots, and microscopes all on display for inquisitive young minds.

“In Mr. Biehn's classroom we do a lot of labs and fun activities.” said 8th grader Lauren Cahalan. “So we like to do a lot of hands–on activities.”

“From bookwork all the way to building robots, we even have 'rocket day' when we get to build our own rockets and we get to fly them in May,” added 8th grader Brennan Houlihan.

“When you talk about Mr. Biehn, it's the rapport that stands out”, said principal Adam Bemmels. “The rapport that he has built up with each one of the students throughout his 37 years here at Loyola.”

“And it's very evident that the long time effects that Mr. Biehn has had on the students and on Loyola as a system," added school counselor Kristan Pfarr.

“He's so nice, and he kind of acts like he's our own parents almost,” said Cahalan.

“And he's a little bit funny in class, and he likes to joke around. He's a very, very good teacher,” said Houlihan.

“He's just very deserving of this Golden Apple award,” Pfarr added. “Chris is a great person and a real asset to our system.”

“It's a great accomplishment for myself and for the school system, to be recognized as one of those special teachers,” said science teacher Chris Biehn. ”I take pride in that. I enjoy coming to school every day and I have fun in class. I enjoy our students. Loyola students are the greatest students you can teach.”

That passion for education will continue to shine on for future generations as well.

"I want to stay here for a few more years,” said Biehn  “I enjoy teaching. I love the school system, and I enjoy being around the kids. They make me feel young."

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