Saturday, members of the community gathered to discuss the arts and culture of Mankato.
 People attending were able to discuss the current state of the arts in the Mankato area, and then talk about where they'd like to see it go. The theme of the meeting was called "Imagining 2027." Many groups talked about what they leave the Mankato area for when it comes to arts and culture, and then they brainstormed ways to get those experiences to come here.
"Because this is really a community experience. I mean, arts and culture is for everyone. We want to make sure that our... all cultures in Mankato are represented and being celebrated. And really, the arts are just so rich, it brings so much joy and meaning to our lives," Noelle Lawton, Executive director of Twin Rivers council for the Arts, said. 
There will be focus groups held in March to continue the conversation as to what the arts and culture scene can look like here in Mankato.
There's also an online forum you can visit if you have ideas on how to improve the arts and culture around town.
For more details visit their website by clicking here.