High energy filled the YMCA Saturday, as nearly 400 community members hopped on a bike to Pedal Past Poverty.
"I think it's a lot of fun. It's fun to see all the different people involved around the community that help this cause," said Participant Martha Croyle.
This is the fifth year for the event, where riders fundraise and pedal to support Partners For Affordable Housing.
"It helps us with our services and programs that we offer at the Theresa House and the Welcome Inn, as well as our transitional housing programs in the community," said Partners For Affordable Housing Executive Director Deb Newman.
Partners For Affordable Housing helps provide shelter for 200 people in the community every night.
"Homelessness in Mankato is not easily seen, so it's great we can bring awareness to the fact that there are homeless issues in our community," said Newman.
Creating progress that goes farther than any amount of miles on the bike.
"Last year a few people on our team didn't even know what it was and now this year, they signed up to do it again," said Croyle.
Each team is asked to raise $1,000. The School Sisters of Notre Dame had seven different teams, raising a collective total of $25,535 as of Saturday.
"We know that there's more coming in. We have a wonderful spirit. We always have our teams full," said School Sister of Notre Dame Monica Wagner.
This year, the event raised more than $92,000 in total.
"Really any money that is raised today is critical to the programs and services that we provide. These people are just wonderful to help us with our cause and we're so very grateful," said Newman/
And while prizes are offered for the teams who bike the farthest or have the most spirit, the biggest reward of all is helping give those in need for a roof above their head.
"Someday I might be in need or somebody I know and it's good to know that there are programs out there to help with that," said Croyle.
For information on how you can give back to Partners For Affordable Housing, click here.

--KEYC  News 12