Throughout the day many of us have negative thoughts running through our minds, but would do anything to make it stop and get rid of the worry.
Mindfulness is the practice for managing thoughts and selecting your attention to give you an opportunity to worry less and select where you place that attention.
 "I use it when I'm caught up in my worries or I'm bombarded with too many thoughts at once or I find myself in this negative space or thinking about myself in a negative way," Licensed Psychologist, Greg Nelson said.
 A simple skill to that Greg compares to as "being your own therapist," by tuning into your five senses.
 "So instead of watching this worry in my head I'll purposely look somewhere else here tune my hearing in all my senses into that moment, grounds me in the present. We call it getting out of my head and into my life," Nelson said.
 And before you know it, it can become a habit.
 "I think it's pretty simple to master. Whats going to happen though is if I'm use to worrying, as soon as I practice mindfulness and I get out of my head and expand my attention beyond the worry what's going to happen is the worries going to come back within a few minutes. So it gives me the opportunity to apply the mindfulness again and practice it again. What the studies show is overtime I'm actually rewiring my brain to be less anxiously or less negatively wired," Nelson said.

--KEYC News 12