KEYC - Students Showcase Creativity At Rube Goldberg

Students Showcase Creativity At Rube Goldberg

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MANKATO, Minn. -

"The theme was to apply a Band-Aid and that was it. Just blatant, apply a Band-Aid," said Spencer High School Senior Hunter Miller.
It seems like a simple task, until you throw in a toy train, a basketball, a mannequin and other miscellaneous objects as part of the 2017 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest.

Seventeen teams of high school students from Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa took on the challenge to create elaborate machines that get a Band-Aid to stick.
"All of our materials were found in a barn, a basement, a toy chest. We all just brought junk one day and thought 'how are we going to put this together Ours personally, we had the hand that came and smacked Miss Kim right on the face with the Band-Aid'"," said Hunter.
Teams spend months inside the classroom learning about physics.

"Everybody thinks of engineering in terms of math, but you actually have to be able to build something as an engineer," said St. Clair High School Industrial Technology Teacher Russell Torkkola.
Students then apply what they've learned to create a final product.

"Real world problem solving skills. That's what it's all about. In any job you go into, you're going to be able to problem solve and think of a solution that will work," said Torkkola.
MSU staff and professional engineers judge each machine.
"They're judged on a combination of things, like the actual technical ability of their machine to do what it's supposed to do. They have a number of steps in the process, how well they run, how repeatable they are. This all impacts their score," said MSU College of Science, Engineering and Technology Associate Dean Aaron Budge.
The team from Chatfield High School scored the highest, so they will take their machine to the National Competition in Ohio later this month.

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