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Watching The Changing Earth

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A University of Minnesota Professor from Blue Earth County is stepping out of the classroom and into the Arctic tundra, all to bring us a firsthand look at our ever–changing world.

Across 137 miles of arctic wilderness, Professor Aaron Doering battles the elements along with three other explorers.They travel by ski and snowshoe, pulling all of their gear, food, and technology on large slides across an ever expanding sea of white.They will share their journey in real time with students, teachers and the public to highlight changes in the environment.

"Adventure learning about doing this online education program to literally send it to millions of students around the world to educate them about this changing earth and the changing climate," said Professor Aaron Doering.

Already this team of explorers has noticed the Icelandic ice caps retreating at an alarming rate.

"I said that this is a 'canary in the coal mine' because they are literally losing The equivalent of an Olympic pool of glaciers every single day, and also the island has actually lifted up 1.4 inches a year because of the receding glaciers," added Doering.

This is all part of the Changing Earth Adventure Learning Series. The first expedition took place in April 2016, this is now the second expedition that begins late February this year.

"Many people want their voice to be heard, and that's the main goal of this project it's to be able to share it with the world educate people as we go along,"  Doering said.

 Professor Doering says that growing up in southern Minnesota has given him an appreciation for nature and has better and has prepared him for the snow and cold of Iceland

"My upbringing as a farm boy in southern Minnesota just south of Mankato, I definitely spent all my time outside. I just have this love for nature and a value for things that are outside. I also just like getting out and getting dirty."

Their final destination is the capital city of Reykjavik. The next expedition will be to Peru in the fall

To keep up with Professor Doering expeditions, you can always check out their website here