This year Schmidt's Meat Market in Nicollet will celebrate 70 years of family ownership.
Ryan Schmidt says, "People come in and just stop and smell..."
It's become rather iconic...sitting right in the heart of Nicollet...Schmidt's Meat Market draws in crowds from all around the region...
Schmidt says,"We have become a destination, but it didn't happen overnight. 70 years of developing business and growing the business. With good product and customer service...they got us to where we are today."
The legacy started with his grandfather, then his father and uncle took over. Ryan bought out his dad in 2005, keeping it in the family has always been important, as has sticking to their roots.
Schmidt says,"The uniqueness of what we have, we still have old traditional wood fired smoke houses, those really don't exist much anymore.
The number he employs ranges from 20 full up to 60 during peak season....which begins on opening day for deer season...and runs through the holidays.
Having people there ready to help is a hallmark of Schmidt's...
Schmidt says, "We are bringing in meats that we are cutting here fresh. Someone wants certain thickness of steak or a certain size roast, cut right on the spot for them. And definitely the smoke house sets us apart."
---KEYC News 12