Veterans groups have been working on raising awareness for vet depression and suicide for several years.

Now they're trying to create solutions.

A group of volunteers called Objective Zero think having help at your fingertips is the best solution.
Everyone knows something needs to be done. But veteran suicides continue, and now some people are going outside the box, hoping technology can bridge the divide between a vet in crisis and someone willing to help.
"Suicide hotlines are impersonal, we want to give them options, whether its video chat, audio chat or text chat. And we'll be staffed by volunteers, so you know the person you're speaking with is there because they want to help you." Jacob Cottew said.

The group has gone multiple routes for fundraising, including a Kickstarter campaign.

They've gotten the Minnesota Wild involved with a ticket promotion, and are working on another one with a local theater.

It's a bare bones production, but funds are still needed.

"We're all volunteers, but there still are things we need money for. We hope to have the app done by April and release it in May in Minnesota," Cottew said.