SMILES is a center for independent living serving people with disabilities in the community.. And after coming across the Mankato Clinic's THRIVE campaign.. one SMILES counselor was inspired to use eat, move sleep into a program if their own.

"We kind of took the idea of doing a New Year's resolution and kind of used that as kind of a spring board on how to set goals for yourself, what youd like to see done differently throughout the course of the year," SMILES Pure Counselor, Alex Langsjoen said.

The group meets every Monday for one hour.

"This eat move sleep group incorporates your eating, which is healthy, nutrition, meal preparation and then moving is your exercise, how to stay active in the community, going for walk, indoor exercises and then your sleeping is kind of just how you blend those thing all along," Langsjoen said.

Setting personal goals each individual would like to see differently..

"Whether it be cooking, exercise just your basic social recreation goals. Being more active in the community and use those social skills that you learn with one another," Langsjoen said.

Tracking their progress as they go...

"They get a journal. Kind of a binder to where they can document their own progress throughout the course of a week," Langsjoen said.

The free program is specifically designed for people with disabilities, but anyone in the community is welcome.

"I think they're having a lot of fun with it. Just being able to hangout with their peers is a big part of this group is just the interactions and also just the ability to try new things and really kind of expand their horizons," Langsjoen said.

--KEYC News 12