KEYC - Justice Pans Police Response To Jamar Clark's Death

Justice Pans Police Response To Jamar Clark's Death

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A federal review of an 18-day standoff outside a Minneapolis police precinct following the fatal shooting of a black man in 2015 has found problems with the city's coordination and communication.
    The Justice Department's review Monday came at the city's request after the shooting of 24-year-old Jamar Clark. 
    Clark's death in a confrontation with two officers sparked weeks of protests that were largely peaceful, though one on Nov. 18 included skirmishes between officers and demonstrators.
    The review found the city didn't have a coordinated response to the occupation and didn't have a plan for managing a civil disturbance as it became a long-term event.
    The city's mayor and police chief planned to comment later Monday.
    The county prosecutor and the U.S. attorney both declined to charge the two officers involved.