KEYC - MIDDAY INTERVIEW: Signs Of Sexual Exploitation

MIDDAY INTERVIEW: Signs Of Sexual Exploitation

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Executive Director of CADA, Jason Mack, joined KEYC News 12 this Midday to talk about the signs of sexual exploitation. Mack says often times there's an increase in sex trafficking cases during big events, like a Super Bowl. He says many people get caught up in the hype of the event and forget about the possibility that there may be clear signs of sexual exploitation around them. During the sex trafficking process, it's important to watch out for grooming. That's where a trafficker will seek a victim that may have a vulnerability. Then, they work to gain trust from that victim and play a key role in their life, causing them to become isolated. Mack says it's crucial for all of us to do our part in looking for the warning signs, whether it's signs of abuse on a victim or suspicious behavior at an event. For more resources about sex trafficking, click here