KEYC - DOT Removes Traffic Light in Waseca

DOT Removes Traffic Light in Waseca

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WASECA, Minn. -

Motorists traveling on Old Highway 14 will no longer need to stop at the 4th Street West intersection. Instead, a new stop sign will greet drivers on 4th Street.

The deactivation of the signal came after studying the intersection and finding there was an increase of crashes and delays plus, traffic is no longer high enough to justify the cost of keeping the stoplight running. 
"To replace an old traffic signal like this at 4th street is typically $250,000 so we save that upfront cost as well as the on-going cost associated with the electrical service to the signal as well as the maintenance responsibility for the signal system," Minnesota Department of Transportation District 7 Traffic Engineer Scott Thompson.said.
As part of the removal of the signal, MNDOT installed pedestrian-activated flashing warning signs to help pedestrians cross Old Highway 14. This is the fifth removal of a traffic signal in the district and so far, they have been successful.
"We see these communities at first concerned that the signal is going to be removed but then they find ultimately it takes less time for them to get across or to turn onto the highway and also pedestrians don't have any issues getting across as well. It's a safety improvement, it's a delay improvement and also it's an opportunity to save the taxpayers money," Thompson said.
Alongside the signal deactivation, MNDOT will evaluate the traffic operations over the next few months. If they don't see any adverse impacts, the signal will stay deactivated and the remaining posts will be removed during the upcoming reconstruction of Old Highway 14 this summer.

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