It was originally thought that the earliest tornado in Minnesota history took place near Clarks Grove earlier in the month of March, but a new report from the National Weather Service says otherwise.

On March 6, an EF-1 tornado touched down near Bricelyn, Minnesota in Faribault County at a little after 5 PM.

The tornado then traveled North West for 9 1/2 miles ending at 5:15 near Wells.

This tornado occurred 30 minutes before the Clarks Grove.

Making it the earliest twister to ever touch down in Minnesota.

The Pihl's Park caretaker, Mary Johnson, says that she couldn't see the tornado, but she could definitely feel it coming.

"The air just changed so severely, and I said ' we have to go to the basement now! ' So it's not that I heard anything so much, I just felt it, and 20 feet away when we hit the basement steps and the tree right next to the house snapped off."

No one was injured during the storms.

It is estimated that Pihl's Park sustained upwards of $10,000 in damages, while the campers sustained $100,000–$200,000 in damages.

Despite all the damages, plans are still on to open on time on May 1st.

With all the broken and injured trees in the park, the curator, Mary Johnson, is asking for tree donations.
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