KEYC - Mankato And Eagle Lake Butt Heads Over New Sewer Line

Mankato And Eagle Lake Butt Heads Over New Sewer Line

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Mankato and Eagle Lake are connected in many ways - part of the same school district, the residents in one city shop and work in the other - they also use the same water treatment facility.

But the cities remain independent entities, and in the case of the planned extension of Adams Street, that can lead to some disagreement.

The discussion over Eagle Lake's Sewer Connection became a point of strong disagreement between leadership for the two cities and it's understandable why.

Currently, their sewer line is a straight shot on Madison Avenue. The blue line. Mankato wants to build a new line out of Fern Lake Road, turn north at the sub-station, then right onto the future Adams Street Extension and over, then eventually make it the new Eagle Lake connection.

Eagle Lake leadership didn't see why they should have to pay for winding nature and move north, among other things, which prompted tonight's joint meeting between the two cities.
There they appeared to reconcile the disagreement, as Mankato officials pointed out the costs to replace the current line on Madison Avenue would cost much more than if they were to take advantage of the planned construction of Adams Street.
If the agreements are reached, Eagle Lake will cover 40% of the costs
In North Mankato, the city council there discussed potential improvements to the city's pool at Spring Lake Park, including replacing most aspects of the pool area, as well as adding slides and other amenities.

If all the renovations were done, North Mankato would end up with a bill for $2 million.

The assessment was put together by U.S. Aquatics Incorporated.

The council also agreed to extend utilities up to Timm Road, which ties in with a development also approved by the council on the south east corner of Timm and Lookout Drive by Mike Drummer.

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