A student run organization at Gustavus Adolphus College is under fire after posting controversial signs on campus as part of a social experiment.

The Diversity Leadership Council , which represents 21 student groups on campus, says a subcommittee of the group and the social justice theatre troupe 'I Am We Are' posted signs in Beck and Olin Halls yesterday, which they say attacked Illegal aliens by referring to them as criminals.

The posts were quickly torn down and surfaced on social media by students.

Along with the signs posted, the group hung up bystander intervention tips in academic buildings on campus…an act they say was in an effort to educate the Gustavus community about issues of bias and the importance of being a bystander.

The group says it hopes the campus will reflect on yesterday’s social experiment and work to ensure that no student is a victim to this form of discrimination.  The group went on to apologize to those negatively impacted by the social experiment, saying it understands that the images may have been hurtful.

The Diversity Leadership Council says members of the Gustavus community are invited to quote conclude this educational experience by attending a spoken-word performance by 'I am We Are' this Thursday, March 23 in the Dining Hall. To read the full letter by the Diversity Leadership Council, click here