KEYC - Ballman Roofing & Coating Comes From Good Roots

Ballman Roofing & Coating Comes From Good Roots

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Kasota, MN -

For this Hometown Business Connection, we feature a man who has grown his one-person shop into a 31 employee roofing business based in Kasota. Mark Ballman had pretty lofty dreams when he began his business 9 years ago...starting out with just himself...he hired four part-timers for his first project...that now seems small compared to what was in store for him...
"The second year we landed a half million dollar project and everything took off from there," Ballman said. 
Ballman puts everything he makes back into the company, and his community. Ballman says his business acumen comes from the way he grew up...
"I grew up on a dairy farm outside of Cleveland. I had 8 brothers and two sisters...was raised with ethics and morals...good ol Catholic boy," Ballman said.
Ballman Roofing started out only doing commercial projects, last year though they moved into residential as well. A move that has paid off.
"Last year was a great year and this year we are almost to the amount of sales as last year," Ballman said.