KEYC - With Dems Out of Power, Town Halls Now Friendlier For Rep. Walz

With Dems Out of Power, Town Halls Now Friendlier For Rep. Walz

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In the run up to his run for governor of Minnesota, Congressman Tim Walz continues his practice of holding town halls throughout the district.

Though they're taking on a much different than what he experienced earlier in his career as representative of the state's first district.
After Democrats took control of the House, Senate and Presidency in Congressman Walz's second term, he experienced a few very angry and very loud public forums.
The concerns now - early on at tonight's meeting were comfortably on the supportive Democrat side, if not just anti-Trump.

What should Democrats do to combat lies, when are the attacks on the environment going to stop, President Donald Trump shouldn't be cutting climate change studies at NASA.

Still passionate, but safely in Walz's direction, and in his opinion, a natural outcome of politics.

"I do think there's a bit of a tribal attitude to this that if our side is in - they filter it through like that. But they're the activists that make the difference in endorsing conventions. I would argue that the majority of people don't filter everything thorough that and are back to the same place - it doesn't matter who's in charge, it seems like nothing gets done. And then there's a bit of frustration. Add in health care uncertainty, North Korea, Syria - it starts to create angst," Walz said at a South Central College town hall held Monday.

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