KEYC - THRIVE: Maintaining Sleep Schedule

THRIVE: Maintaining Sleep Schedule

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"The first thing I tell people is to try and not use any medication at all so the best things are to get yourself into a sleep habit," Mankato Clinic's Amy Boles, MD, said.

Going to bed and getting up at a specific time helps your body create that as your sleeping habit.

"Your body is going to get used to that and it'll be able to fall asleep better at that time so it gets your circadian rhythms into a normal routine," Boles said.

Dr. Boles says avoid looking at your computer, smart phone, or TV to help you fall asleep.

"You're going to end up stimulating the rods and cones in your eyes which then stimulates your brain and makes it hard to fall asleep so if you can do something calming before you go to bed that is going to be much more helpful," Boles said.

Many have busy schedules during the day and can't get a workout in until night..

Dr. Boles says exercising an hour or two before bed gets the heart rate up, making it harder to relax and fall asleep.

But what should those do that avoid all of these things but still can't fall asleep?

"Listening to music without words that don't require much thinking and even a little meditation something along those lines just to try and get your body back into that sleep mode," Boles said.

But even with taking this advice, your sleep schedule can't drastically change right away.

"If you've been at midnight try to go to 11:30 or 11:00 and then slowly every few days move your sleep schedule back," Boles said.

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