'Forecast Public Art' is partnering with the American Planning Association to develop and pilot a Public Art and Placemaking Tool for City Planners.
 This will serve as a resource for planners serving small and mid-sized American cities.
Five cities in Minnesota have been selected to develop and beta test the tool in 2017 and 2018. Including: Mankato, Austin, Red Wing, Rochester, and Winona.
 "I'm so excited because twin rivers as Mankato's arts commission. We've been working closely with the city on public arts projects around town probably for the last seven years and we've kind of been flying by the seat of our pants a little bit, learning as we go, making mistakes as we go but it's exciting now to really be able to sit in the room with the experts," Twin Rivers Council For The Arts, Noelle Lawton said.
 Forecast Public Art will meet and facilitate the pilot project with the chosen cities for two years.

--KEYC News 12