The latest author taking part in the South Central College Sakatah Reading Series is drawing on real life experiences to craft his first fictional work.

Frank Weber is a forensic psychologist by trade, doing evaluations in homicide, sexual assaults and domestic violence cases.

His first book called "Murder Book" uses his own life events and knowledge of the legal system.

Weber says he started writing as a way to cope with some of the stress of his work.

Weber said, "I initially started writing to vent because there are things I deal with that are so horrible you can't talk to people about. If you come home and talk to your wife or family about it, it would just traumatize them, but then I realized I could just start writing this in fiction."

Weber spoke with students at SCC and the public about his work and crafting the novel.

The book will be released in May.

--KEYC News 12