This month's Good People recipient views volunteering as his duty.

Oris Ostgarden knows there's a need in our community.

Ostgarden says, "A lot of guys and women that need some help at rest homes, they seem to get forgotten a lot, but they really appreciate it."

Helping at rest homes, at nursing homes and the hospital is just a small part of

the many acts of volunteering Oris does throughout the course of the week.

"I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing."

And he knows that the benefits of spending countless hours in the service of someone else, reap a special benefit for him, too.

Ostgarden says, "It's so rewarding to go in and make a difference in a nursing home or hospital."

Oris is also retired from the Madison Lake Fire Department, helps in the schools and community education department and with area veterans.

Making Oris Ostgarden a KEYC News 12 Good People Award Recipient.

-KEYC News 12