Recent rains have kept farmers out of the field, but if they can get some time to dry out, they'll be in the perfect position for planting season.
We're right on track for precipitation in April, but because we received a bigger chunk of it this late, its creating a little bit of delay as far as it goes with getting tractors into the field.
"The 0.7 inches we had last night slowed things down. It means we need about three days of sunshine to get going, and two solid days of sunny days to get corn planted and get started on soybeans," SROC's Tom Hoverstad said.

Of course it was just a few short years ago when drought was the concern of farmers throughout the state.

A few wetter than normal summers and last year's record breaker changed all that, putting things back to normal.

"Going into the winter we had adequate moisture. One thing we had going for us is the frost left the ground early. That let some of the deep soil moisture get away, so now it does have some room to clear up the recent rains," Hoverstad said.

-- KEYC News 12.