KEYC - Schools Honoring Earth Day

Schools Honoring Earth Day

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Lake Crystal, MN -

Earth day is Saturday, but Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial let their students learn about the earth in a fun, hands-on manner.

"So this is our second annual environmental learning day and we're here just to celebrate nature and to let the kids learn outside of the classroom, and to learn about all sorts of things, from composting, to recycling, to energy conservation and about wildlife as well," Gina Cooper said, one of the event organizers. 
"It's a good opportunity for them to see, you know, what happens to the composting. And it's practical and it's stuff we're doing every day within our school and at home also," Dan Beert, LCWM Principle said. 
Lake Crystal Welcome Memorial schools aren't new to helping the earth. They've been composting their lunchroom waste, have community gardens, and learn ways to save energy and water... just another way to preserve the Earth's natural resources.
"Things that we do on a regular basis can either help or they can hurt the environment. And if we're aware of it, maybe we can help, everybody can do a little bit to help make it a little better," Tom Farrell, Superintendent said. 
Helping the earth can be as easy as making sure to turn off lights when you leave a room, turn off the faucet when you're brushing your teeth, or walking to school instead of taking a car. But it can be as fun as taking up beekeeping, learning how to fish, or kayaking!
"The kids are learning how to cast a fishing pole, some of them have never done that. Some can sit in the tent for the first time... see a honey bee hive and how it works. So they're learning a lot of things that are different and unusual that they might not have the opportunity to learn before," Cooper said. 
This year's Environmental Learning day didn't disappoint, as they had more than 10 different booths for the kids to visit and learn at. They also expanded the program so that Middle School kids could join in the fun too this year.
"Definitely. It's bigger. It's better. It's growing," Farrell said. 
Looks like Mother Nature returned the favor by giving the kids a beautiful day outdoors.