Whether it has to do with working out or dieting, making a life change can be difficult enough in itself, but maintaining that behavior change forever is the hardest part.

"You just have to make sure that what you're doing you can do for the rest of your life because if you can't then we're kind of doomed right? If you can't do it and keep doing it then we're setting ourselves up for failure," Mankato Clinic Registered Dietitian, Erin Gonzalez said.

But with any type of behavior change, you're encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone.

"But if we feel like we're breaking ourselves to get there we might have to re–access whether that's something we can keep doing so sustainability is huge," Gonzalez said.

So the first priority is to set yourself up for success.

"Setting ourselves up in a way that we recognize what our triggers are so we know what sets us off, whether that's going to a social environment, going to a buffet, going to a potluck where we just don't feel like we have choices that we feel comfortable with making. We have to find a way to make those things work and so say it's just one eating experience and I'm going to make the choices that feel right to me and then I'm going to move on," Gonzalez said.

Having one bad day is not going to ruin everything you've worked for.

"But when we think that way then that's when everything ends up happening. Just accept the journey because it is a journey. We have to eat for the rest of our lives; we have to move for the rest of our lives," Gonzalez said.

--KEYC News 12