The weather wasn't very nice, but the Nicollet County High School Trap Shooting team didn't let the weather get in the way on Sunday.  
In Trap Shooting, there's no question what the target is.
"To try to hit 25 out of 25 shells," Kai Storvick, a high school senior teammate said. 
"So, if you hit a clay pigeon, they mark it, and if you don't they say loss," Alyssa Kuttner said, an 8th grade trap shooter said. 
But for their head coach, his target is to grow the sport and hopefully get 100 kids signed on for next year. In the 6 years since the Nicollet High School Trap Shooting team has been established, they've thrived. Growing from a team of 23 to a team of 83. 
"Everyone's like wow, I wish we would've had that when I was in high school, and I'm like, I know, I wish we would've too," Skip Hoffman, the team's head coach said. 
Even some of the older teammates wish they could've been on the team earlier.
"Yes, I wish I was able to do this in middle school like some of these guys are here," Storvick said. 
In the state, there are about 600 schools competing in trap shooting, with about 15 thousand students. Those are some large numbers for a league that's only 10 years old.
Coach Hoffman credits a lot of that success to getting girls involved in trap shooting too.
"They compete side by side right with the boys. And there some good shooters out of the girls. The girls seem to listen a bit more than the boys do too, so it's easier to coach them," Hoffman laughed. 
The girls have some pretty good advice if you're just starting out.
"If you do try it, don't get frustrated and just keep trying. I've learned from the past don't get frustrated with it," Kuttner said. 
This is some expert advice for when the team will head off to the State Meet on June 20th.
"For some reason, our kids seem to excel at state. They shoot way better scores up there than they do here. I don't know if it's just harder to shoot down here or what," Hoffman said. 
Head Coach Hoffman says Trap Shooting is a big success because it's a sport for everyone.
"It's a sport that will last you forever. You know, like say football, when you're done with high school you're not going to ever play football again. Well, trap shooting; you'll take that on for the rest of your life," Hoffman said. 
--KEYC News 12.