KEYC - Hometown Business Connection: Drummer's Garden Center

Hometown Business Connection: Drummer's Garden Center

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Drummer's Garden Center started as a temporary greenhouse in the old Menards parking lot at the corner of Madison Avenue and Highway 22...

Julie Drummer says, "We didn't have much to lose because we didn't have anything so we tried it for four months and was successful."

That was 27 years ago. In that time they've moved to a new location on St. Andrews Drive where they just keep growing each year...literally.

Drummer says, "Most people don't know that we grow most of our own annuals and perennials. So we start the last week of January or so growing 600 different types of annuals...thousands and thousands of perennials...containers, hanging baskets, pretty much anything that we can sell to our customers."

In an era of Big Box stores moving in with their own garden centers, Drummer says its that personal touch that helps them thrive...

Drummer says, "Number one is my employees, they are very hard working, dedicated, very knowledgeable about gardening...they are always willing to help anyone be successful in their own yard."

Drummers has 8 core employees year round...more than 40 during busy spring season...

She says she is thankful for the community who has embraced them, in turn she, her husband, the employees give back through volunteering in several organizations...her customers can even get in on the giving...

Drummer says, “We also do an awards program here, where the customers can determine if they want to keep their two percent, otherwise we will donate their two percent of their purchases to organizations in the community here.”

For Hometown Business Connection, I'm Lisa Cownie.

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