KEYC - Prep Athlete: Dallas McBroom

Prep Athlete: Dallas McBroom

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The Waterville Elysian Morristown baseball team features a complete pitcher at the top of the rotation capable of shutting down any lineup.

Dallas McBroom can do it all on the mound developing three solid pitches over the years.

But the tall right–hander only stumbled upon pitching his freshman season.

"The first game he started, so backing up to freshman year, JV, he didn't want to start on the mound, but we made him start. He had 15 strikeouts. He comes back and goes, I love pitching. Which that's going to be your typical response. He all of a sudden sophomore year, gets his first start and in between the first and second inning we said you can't just throw fastball all the time, and we asked what else do you have, and he goes I don't know. So our assistant coach at the time taught him how to throw a curveball between innings, and the next inning he started it off with a curveball, and it worked perfectly," said Sam Stier, WEM head coach.

McBroom's someone WEM counts on to give the team a quality outing every time he touches the ball with the ability to halt any momentum a team may start to get.

"Just keeping my composure when a guy gets a hit or extra base hit, and errors made, just keeping my composure, not letting it get to me, and letting my defense make plays," said McBroom, prep athlete.

He's got 136 career strikeouts to go along with a 13–3 record and two of those losses were one run ball games.

The hurler's only allowed two earned runs this season good for a 0.30 ERA lowering his career number to 1.91.

"Everyday in practice, he's trying to get better, he's always trying to work on something, often times when you watch him play catch, that's a perfect example of the kind of work ethic he has, because when he plays catch, he's working on something every time. He's playing catch with pride, you can coach them up to a certain point, but sometime they have to take it over, and he's taken that over," said Stier.

McBroom's continuing his baseball career at Concordia St. Paul next year.

His dominance on the hill is why he's our KEYC Scheels All Sports Boys Prep Athlete of the Week.