One of the students that graduated this morning already has a job lined up.

It's the one that he started.
"I played D I football for two years. After I was done I remembered how hard it was. I'm from Alabama, moved to Minnesota and they don't have spring football because it's snowing. I wanted to help guys out and it blew up because it works," Francis Kanneh said.

It works to the tune of roughly 10,000 members, and boasts of 900 successful recruitments made in its short lifetime.

Francis is now the proud owner of a degree in marketing, which makes sense, because he already has the solid business idea... now he just needs to make sure everyone knows about it.

"It's like 1/8 the price of competitors and provides the same access to every college in the country. Coaches can use it like a match making service to see who they want to recruit," Kanneh said.

-- KEYC News 12.