KEYC - THRIVE: School Snack Carts

THRIVE: School Snack Carts

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 Participating area schools are utilizing a snack cart in the morning to help keep kids on track.
 "A hungry student is a student that might have trouble focusing on their schoolwork, concentrating in the classroom. There might be behavior issues, trouble learning so this is just kind of a morning snack to hold them over until lunch," ISD 77/Mankato Clinic Foundation, Kelsey Rounds said.
 The snack carts are brought to the hallways around 9:30 in the morning.
Teachers then send the kids out for their choice of snack.
All of which are subject to the USDA smart snack guidelines.
 "I just go online, I punch in all of the nutrition facts info into it and it lets me know if those items are compliant or not so there are nutrition requirements. We're not just putting whatever we want on those snack carts. We want to make sure our kids are getting nice healthy snacks," Rounds said.
 The cart includes up to four options a day and all five food groups are hit in a week's time.
 "We have milk, we have fruits, fresh fruits dried fruits, we have vegetables, grain items, we have cracker type items. They're whole grain of course and then protein we have string cheese and yogurt," Rounds said.
 Hoover was the first school in the area to start the snack cart in 2012. Since then, Bridges, Monroe and Eagle Lake have all started.
Kelsey says she expects more schools to add one in the near future.

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