KEYC - Working Together To Bring Flowers Back To The Forest

Working Together To Bring Flowers Back To The Forest

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As many Minnesotans get ready to do their gardening, Gustavus Adolphus College students and John Ireland Catholic School students were working together to bring a little color back to the forest.

After learning about Minnesota woodlands in the classroom, students had the chance to get out and plant wildflowers.

All the plants are Minnesota native species and were donated by the organization Pheasants Forever.

In total, 250 plants will be added to the woodlands area at the Linnaeus Arboretum.

"44 years ago these woods were planted and it's only now that they are casting enough shade on the ground that these native woodland wildflowers are ready to take their place here," said Arboretum Director Scott Moeller.  "Mother Nature would bring these plants to us if given enough time, but we're just kind of getting a little jump start on things. We are helping out Mother Nature by getting these plants out here and creating little colonies of these plants."

Students will be able to visit the forest again in June, as Gustavus Adolphus will be offering a nature camp for kids in fifth and sixth grade.