At St. Peter Lutheran School you'll find a teacher who's love for her students goes far beyond scholastics. Linda Degner has been teaching at St. Peter's Lutheran School since 2000, and what continues to impress the faculty, staff, and parents is not only her dedication to her student's success in life but also her faith.

"Everything I teach and everything I say, I want it to be from a Christian point of view, so I can emulate my faith for them, so they can go out into the world and do the same thing," said Golden Apple Award winner Linda Degner.

And when you tell people at the school that she's won golden apple, it's really no surprise.

"I was excited for her," said  St Peter Lutheran School Principal Jim Bakken.  "She really deserves this award, because she's an excellent teacher, and she surely shares her faith with the students and with the parents."

Some parents say that you will not find a more respected, penitent and caring teacher. That statement is not lost that's not lost on the school principal.

"Our school is a rather new school. We've only been around for about 20 years, so when we added grades 4 to 8 in the year 2000, she was the upper-grade teacher serving as a team teacher in the classroom," added Bakken.

"I guess I never thought of my efforts as being above and beyond. I just pray that I'm doing The job that I'm supposed to do I guess," said Degner.
This will be Linda's last full school year.

She does have plans to retire at the end of the school year, but the impressions that she's left with her students will last a lifetime.

"She's just really nice and like the best teacher ever. It makes me feel happy and kind of warm inside," said fifth grader Ciatlyn Otto.

"I hope that when they leave here they are well prepared for high school and prepared to go out into the world," said Degner.