KEYC - Farmers Make Strides With Planting

Farmers Make Strides With Planting

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Area crops are starting to peek up from the soil, and after about a week of perfect conditions last week (May 8-14), a lot more fields will soon be greening.

Ag Expert Kent Thiesse said, "We have been running probably 10 to 15 degrees above normal temperatures, so we're accumulating a lot of growing degree units."

According to the USDA Crop Report, last week provided 6.3 days for field work across the state, accounting for nearly 50 percent of the corn acres planted this year.

It allowed for progress moving most crops ahead of the five-year average, with about 85 percent of corn planted and almost 50 percent of soybeans.

Thiesse said, "Most areas have made tremendous progress here, and things look a lot better than things did a couple of weeks ago at this time."

But after last week brought a bountiful crop of nice weather, this week is shaping up to be a different story.

Thunder and rain clouds are threatening to silence the roar of tractor engines, but it's not all a bad thing.

Thiesse said, "Pretty decent rainfall this week, we should be in pretty good shape as far as soil moisture and we've got very good stored soil moisture deeper in the soil so we're really set up for most of our area and very good conditions."

A trend farms will be hoping continues throughout the summer and until harvest.

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