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Super Bowl Patrol Needed

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MANKATO, Minn. -

With at least one million people expected to visit Minnesota for Super Bowl 52, Minneapolis is looking for extra officers to help patrol the city.

Up to 1,200 law enforcement officers will be needed per day for the 10 day event. While Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington will provide their own officers, they have reached out to other departments within Minnesota, like Mankato, for assistance.

In order for Mankato officers to help, a joint powers agreement must be passed by the City Council and then the city will need to determine how many officers they can send.
 "Every community that sends staff still has to answer their own calls for service and I don't know any law enforcement agency in Minnesota that is overstaffed to the tune of 1,200 officers so we will assist where we can, I would expect that we will be sending a number of people to work the Super Bowl when the time comes," Director of Mankato Public Safety Todd Miller said.
Depending on how many officers are needed, Mankato Public Safety can provide as many as 10-15 officers per day. According to Miller, it would be an overtime opportunity for officers and the Super Bowl is providing funding.

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