KEYC - Winds Ravage Kossuth County

Winds Ravage Kossuth County

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Kossuth County, IA -

The multiple rounds of severe weather are leaving little time for residents in Kossuth County to clean up storm damage from May 16.

On Ken Dahlhauser's farm, last night's storm left a lot to clean up.

Ken Dahlhauser said, "Combine in there, camper, grain car, two semi, Merli Pump Truck, couple tractors."

Wind speeds of 70 to 90 miles per hour ripped the shed apart, sending tin and debris flying half a mile into a field.

He and his family used the few breaks in the clouds last night and into today to clear the damage.

Dahlhauser said, "Power was out, cut then because tin flew across the road, hit power lines over there and so we were dark, except for tractor lights and shine it on the building."

Storms arrived around 9 o'clock last night, wreaking havoc across much of southern Kossuth County.

Officials say straight–line winds toppled trees, left many without power and damaged numerous properties.

Kossuth County Emergency Manager David Penton said, "The major impact we're seeing with the structure and tree damage of large size is going to be just south of the city of Whittemore."

It also brought damage to West Bend and Algona, where a tree branches nearly fell on homes.

And for Algona residents Karilyn Claude and her husband, the storm brought a limb smashing into the back window of their car.

But today, it was neighbor helping neighbor, cleaning up as more severe weather threatened in the skies.

Algona resident Karilyn Claude said, "Neighbors came out, can we help, and they would help load the wood on the trailer and everybody concerned for everybody, and of course kind of worried that we hear it might come again tonight."

Emergency Manager David Penton says some local farmers have about a million dollars' worth of damage to their property.

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