A very big day in Blue Earth! At the Nicollet Place Assisted Living facility not one, but two women are celebrating their 100th birthdays.

They always tend to sneak up on you...
"I have to think about it... I forget about, I always forget when my birthday is because I don't think about them much," Veanna Eberline said, who's turning 100 in July said. 
And even though some people don't think they're a big deal-- 
"No, it happens every year, I get used to it," Eberline laughed. 
This is a very big year for two women in Blue Earth.
Clara Holmseth and Veanna Eberline are celebrating turning the big 1-0-0. That's right- that's one hundred trips around the sun!
"I never knew I could get to be that old but it's surprising," Holmseth said. 
Holmseth turns 100 on Saturday, and Eberline turns 100 on July 13.
Veanna has five kids, three girls, and two boys. Clara never had kids of her own but raised 5 wonderful stepchildren with her late husband...who she was married to for 52 years.
"I have lots of memories. Yep, I've had a wonderful life," Holmseth said. 
Clara's step-children brought over angel food cake made from scratch because that's something Clara loved doing for them for their birthdays.
And as they ate the homemade delicacy, the two birthday girls shared the secret to staying so young.
"Oh, I eat good and sleep good," Holmseth said. 
"Don't pay much attention to the bad things. Take care of the good things and enjoy them," Eberline said. 
When thinking back over the past 100 years, they said they've enjoyed every minute of the journey.
"I don't think I'd change anything. I've had a good life," Eberline said. 
--KEYC News 12.