KEYC - Governor Dayton Signs Real ID Bill Into Law

Governor Dayton Signs Real ID Bill Into Law

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Residents don't need to worry about trouble boarding flights next year: Gov. Dayton signed a bill bringing the state into compliance with the federal Real ID law.

Minnesota was the final holdout in meeting stricter federal ID standards after lawmakers struggled for years to pass a bill.

Officials say its passage allows the state to get an extension for using standard driver's licenses until October 2020.

Compliant ID will become available in October 2018, which require people to provide more information to prove identity, Minnesota residency and lawful status.

Blue Earth County Taxpayer Services Director Michael Stalberger said, "If the expiration date is coming up on their license, they should come and get it renewed. There's really nothing they can do right now to change that based on the law. Where we'll end up seeing some differences is once that new driver's license becomes available, then people will have decisions they'll need to start making."

Minnesota currently offers an enhanced driver's license that meets the needs of the Real ID Law.

Governor Dayton has signed Real ID legislation into law.
Last night, the state senate followed the House and passed a bill to upgrade the state's driver's licenses and I-D cards to comply with new federal standards.
The authorization means that Minnesotans will continue to be able to board domestic flights with a compliant driver's license.
A deal was delayed by a dispute over giving driver's licenses for immigrants without proper ID.
That issue now has moved to a separate bill.
Dayton first called for legislative action to resolved Real ID more than two years ago.