KEYC - 1 Killed, 19 Injured In Times Square Crash

1 Killed, 19 Injured In Times Square Crash

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 Witnesses in Times Square watched in horror as car plowed over pedestrians, killing one and injuring 19 others.
    Brooklyn resident Asa Lowe was standing outside the Levi's store enjoying the weather when he heard screaming around midday Thursday. He turned around and saw the car hitting people on the sidewalk.
    He says the driver was ``just mowing down people. He didn't stop.'' 
    The car hit a barricade and stopped. Lowe says the driver then got out of his car and started running until people tackled him.
    Lowe saw injured people, including a woman who ``had tracks all over her body.''
    Police say a 26-year-old man was in custody and was suspected of driving while intoxicated.