KEYC - Extra State Patrol Seat Belt Enforcement

Extra State Patrol Seat Belt Enforcement

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Minnesota -

Extra enforcement on the roads to make sure everyone is buckling up.
Minnesota is better at making the smart choice of clicking it, with 93 percent of state motorists buckling up. That's compared to the almost 88 percent of motorists nationally. State Patrol is renewing their Click it or Ticket campaign and will have extra enforcement on the roads. They encourage all Minnesotans to buckle up all the time. About 40 percent of all Minnesota fatalities involve a lack of seat belt use.
"Unfortunately, every trooper that works in the state of Minnesota and probably every law enforcement officer has been to crash scenes where we have looked at that vehicle and said, you know, there was room to live in that driver's compartment. Meaning if they had that seat belt on they would've walked away instead of going to the hospital with serious injury, or worst case scenario a fatal injury," MN State Patrol Cpt. Jeremy Geiger said. 
The State Patrol says wearing the seat belt can mean difference between life and death, and it's the easiest thing to do to prevent injury.