KEYC - Renovations to Begin at South Elementary

Renovations to Begin at South Elementary

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School just ended on Tuesday in St. Peter but teachers at South Elementary Early Learning Center are still very hard at work. 
By 4 p.m. on Friday every last pencil and piece of paper will be accounted for and boxed up.
"We are just trying to pack up all the accumulation of years and years of teaching into boxes...anxiety has been high weeks prior to this but there was a lot of progress made yesterday," kindergarten teacher Heidi Wenner said.
As a result of a referendum passing three years ago, the entire district is doing a reconfiguration.
"South elementary will be transitioning from a K-2 building to a K-1 building, North Intermediate School will turn into North Elementary and that will have students in grades two through four, the new middle school will be at the current high school and that will have grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 and the brand-new high school will be unveiled in August and that will have ninth through 12th graders," Principal Doreen Oelke said.
Meanwhile, South Elementary will get nearly $5 million worth of renovations including lighting and sprinklers, a new HVAC system, an update to the drop-off site in the parking lot and added safety within the building.
"They start on the parking lot taking out doorways, put it in handicap accessible all the rooms will be handicap accessible but then for safety and security we will be able to close the building off," Oelke said.
Demolition starts Monday and teachers will be able to unpack those boxes in their updated building at the end of the summer.

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