A Nicollet family is sharing their story after their dad suffered multiple brain bleeds.

Kathy Wilking remembers the day like it was yesterday.

Kathy says, “It was November 11, 2015, and Tom fell out of bed. I wasn’t sure what was going on but he could talk and said my head hurts really bad.”

Soon thereafter, she decided to call 911 and he was rushed to Rochester in a helicopter after doctors determined he had a brain bleed.

Marci Greisen says, “We asked the doctors what are his chances and they said there’s no real science to put the odds on with everything that’s happened and with two or three brain bleeds. So they got that taken care of but then the next option was to have a risky and difficult surgery.”

And through the hours and hours of surgery, and five weeks staying in Rochester….Tom is now a survivor.

Tom Wilking says, “I don’t know how I would have done it without my faith.”

Because even now, a year a half later, there’s still signs of his recovery, like therapy and balance, but overall he’s thanking his lucky stars.

Marci says, “Surviving a stroke is awesome, but the journey has just begun, it’s finding what now is normal.”

Tom says belonging to support groups and talking with other survivors is

helping him get through.

He will be walking in the Strides for Stroke walk Saturday in Mankato to help raise awareness and help others through this marathon journey.

To donate to Tom's team: Click here.

To learn more about Mayo's Stroke Support Group, contact VINE.

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