Summertime usually means summer camp for many local students but this summer camp is a little different. Sure, you have your camp classic games like "Duck Duck Goose" and "Minute to Win It" but this summer camp also focuses on literacy activities. This is Camp Maverick - Rec N' Read.

"What we've done is we've paired literacy activities with recreation in order for our kiddos be more successful, feel more successful about their reading and writing," said assistant professor Megan Mahowald.

"The added weekly themes in the recreation activities to ensure that we are having fun while we are reading and writing because that is what is essential because they're just vital life skills," added assistant professor Burk Brooke.

 The camp is crafted primarily for kids with dyslexia or other learning disabilities. Its activities are designed to boost academic skills as well as improve social, emotional, and physical health.

"We're trying to foster a very positive environment here," said  Mahowald.  " Where kids can feel successful across different areas as well as reading and writing.

"They seem really excited and they've really opened up already," said Brooke.

Camp Maverick will be offered for children in kindergarten through the fifth grade from June 5 till June 30 from 8 AM till 4 PM. The camp cost $170 weekly, but financial assistance is available for those who are in need.

"We're hoping for it to become an annual program that we're offering," said Mahowald.

"Really want to make sure that they have a safe, fun place to go and they can learn something while doing it," said Brooke.

For more information about Camp Maverick and where to sign your kids up... Click Here