KEYC - Heat Wave Causes Health Concerns

Heat Wave Causes Health Concerns

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MANKATO, Minn. -

If you're going to be outside this weekend, there's no escaping the heat.

This weekend should be perfect for sunscreen and ice cream or any other frozen treat with plenty of heat and humidity, and that has many cooling off in the pool.

Mankato Family YMCA Executive Director John Kind said, "The pool is the place everybody goes when it gets hot, and one of the things we make sure we do is every hour we take safety breaks cause kids seem to forget that it's hot and that they need a drink of water."

While some people are planning to simply sloth around the pool underneath this scorching sun, others might not have a choice but to be outside this weekend. Either way, doctors say it's important for people to stay hydrated and take breaks and to take breaks, to prevent this heat from turning into something worse.

Dr. Ruth Bolton, M.D. Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato said, "People don't realize it until they get hit with it, and then they realize how significant it can be. People can get very ill and die from it, and it happens more often then we want it to."

Doctor Ruth Bolton with Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato says while the young and the old are the most vulnerable to heat-related illnesses, it can also affect those on medications.

She also adds it's best to wear light colored clothes and avoid sugary drinks and alcohol.

Dr. Bolton said, "If you have a couple of beers while you're out there, it's a big deal. Alcohol can cause a lot of problems. Sunburns actually cause problems because your skin can't release the heat that it needs to and you think I'm just getting a good tan and it's just way more than that."

So remember that sunscreen if you're catching rays.

Doctor Bolton says some people who might not have had issues before could easily find themselves in need of medical help.

Dr. Bolton said, "If you're nauseated, if you're vomiting, anytime there's any loss of consciousness or anything, you have got to get some help. If you can cool yourself down and feel normal in a few minutes, then I think you can avoid sitting in our ERs but don't be afraid to go in because it doesn't take long to get into a lot of trouble."


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