It's one of the main arteries through Waseca, but Old Highway 14 is seeing a lot fewer commuters starting this week.

Waseca this isn't going to be pretty.

With the force of a hulk, Old Highway 14 is being torn apart by the seams.

Waseca City Engineer Mark DuChene said, "This will be the biggest transportation project for the city or the county of Waseca. So, we're talking about 3.35 miles of full road reconstruction."

Work started earlier this week on June 12,  on some of the preliminary elements of this project including cutting down a few trees and removing the old pavement, but Waseca will find itself in for the long haul as this project is scheduled to last for two years.

DuChene said, "This is our main artery east –west through town, we'll have obviously new road surface, new utilities. Some of these utility improvements should alleviate some of our water issues and moving water through town, both sanitary sewer and storm sewer."

The more than $18 million projects will start on the east and west edges of the city and work its way in stages toward State Street.

MnDOT Project Engineer Matt Rottermond said, "It's not in the best of condition. It's an older road and the utilities underneath it are quite old as well, and it's due for an upgrade."

The funding will include about $6 million from the city and the remaining from state and federal sources.

The project is also part of the turn back agreement reached between Steele and Waseca Counties and MnDOT.

Rottermond said, "That we would take this road back into our possession, do the work on it that we are required to do, and then they will have a nice new road to take possession of."

Access to Old Highway 14 has been blocked off to all but local and business traffic.

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--KEYC News 12