Instead of a tie this Father's Day, some 21 plus sons and daughters are taking dad out for a cold one or two.

While some fathers might find themselves teeing up on the golf course, for Dennis Skellenger and his family, this Father's Day is best severed up at the bar.

One of Dennis's sons, Lance Skellenger said, "Getting to drink a beer with the old man's always fun."

But sometimes, choice paralysis can make it hard to figure out what's best to fill up in a pint.

New Bohemia General Manager Liza Wilde said, "We have 36 tap lines, so when you first walk in, it can be rather intimidating."

So on this Father's Day, New Bohemia is taking dad and kin on a flight, allowing them to explore the taste and texture of a constantly growing list of craft beers, with the gift of discovering their pallet.

“Kind of increase your knowledge, knowledge is power even when it comes to beer,” Wilde said.

Dennis Skellenger said, "You don't know where to start, you try to take the advice of the person serving the beer, but it's kind of nice to be able to walk up and say 'ay, give me a pilsner, give me an ale.'"

This Father's Day class of Beer U is providing more than just a chance to tap into several different kegs, but allowing an opportunity to bond with the man with just the perfect tall or short.

Wilde said, "One of my youngest memories is not necessarily of my father, but it was my grandfather. Sitting on his lap and he would put a little bit of salt in his pilsner, and you know, taking a drink of grandpa's beer and dad's like beer and it just seems like a totally all–American thing to have a beer or a brat with you dad."

And come next Father's Day, gifting the perfect six pack from adult kids to dad.

Lance said, "Been a great role model. My entire life, he's always there. Anything I ever need, he's always there for me."

--KEYC News 12