KEYC - Free Books To Spare Students' Summer Slide

Free Books To Spare Students' Summer Slide

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The school bell may stop ringing, but that doesn't mean learning opportunities should.

In an effort to stop the summer slide the Mankato Early Learning Department applied for a grant with the Children's Reading Foundation to receive free books to offer to the community.

Early Learning Assistant Director Ruth Ann Rosenwinkel says, "That's what we're all about. We want to make sure students are ready and that there successful and that they're reading at grade level by grade 3."

The foundation awarded 13,500 books to 10 recipients in eight states.. and Mankato was one of them.

Parent Educator and Early Learning Coordinator Laurie Erstad says, "It's a real honor to be chosen because we received a thousand 50 books from the Children's reading foundation and so we can get books into the hands of a lot of families and children."

The foundation's READ Up program promotes reading as part of daily summer routines by providing free Children's books, reading activities, and read aloud demonstrations.

Rosenwinkel says, "Many children will lose skills during the summer so this gives the kids a new book to read and that's our goal to stop the summer slide."

Not only targeting children from the age of birth to 8, but parents as well.

Erstad says, "We want parents to be informed of the importance of reading to their children and also their children reading independently in the summer because it's easy to put that aside."

And kids are already excited to get their hands on a book.

Erstad says, "As I was setting up I've already had a couple of kids here that are in the aces program walk by saying 'I want that one.' They're eyes get really big and you can see them ooh–ing and awing."

If you missed Monday's opportunity, don't worry. There are still 7 more opportunities throughout the month of June.

June 20 - Kennedy Elementary 11:30-12:30

June 21- Roosevelt Elementary 11:15-12:15

June 22- Rosa Parks Elementary 11:30-12:30

June 26- Franklin Elementary 11:30-12:30

June 27- Kennedy Elementary 11:30-12:30

June 28- Roosevelt Elementary 11:30-12:30

June 29- Rosa Parks Elementary 11:30-12:30

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