KEYC - With Too Many Unknowns, Brown County Opts For State To Handle Bu

With Too Many Unknowns, Brown County Opts For State To Handle Buffer Enforcement

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Brown County, Minn. -

The Brown County Board has decided to opt out of taking on enforcement of the 2015 Buffer Law.

The four to one decision this morning, June 20  will leave the Board of Soil and Water Resources responsible for ensuring county landowners are in compliance.

Commissioners say there are currently too many questions regarding guidance from the state from penalties to reimbursement for landowners.

The first deadline for a 50–foot average on public waters is November 1.

Brown County Commissioner Scott Windschitl said, "We've always got the option that once items are ironed out and they have a total understanding of what's all being effected, and we can opt in. I think the county will do a better job."

Another concern expressed at the meeting is whether or not the funding from the state to help the county cover the cost of enforcement will last beyond two years.

Brown County Soil and Water Conservation District estimates its landowners are at about 65 percent compliance with the law.

All counties have until June 28 to inform BWSR whether enforcement will be handled by the county or the state. 

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