What You See Is What You Get is about more than just healthy food options...

WYSIWYG Owner, Marie Farley Christiansen says, "We don't believe that wellness is just one aspect of just only nutrition. You need physical health, spiritual health, mental health."

I know what you're thinking.. How does a juice make physical health an option?

WYSIWYG Owner, Kristi Schuck says, "I think when we created this space we put so much time and effort into the redesign of this space and in this location. We just knew it was special. We knew that one of the things we wanted to do was expand the use.

WYSIWYG offers different classes on Saturday mornings at 7am.

Bringing more to the table than your average juice bar.

Farley Christiansen says, "We have yoga, ignition fitness, JP fitness, functional fitness so we add a lot of different and incorporate different aspects of fitness."

The customer response has kept the classes going.

Farley Christiansen says, "People just really loved it, they just really wrapped their arms around the fact that we were able to offer nutrition and wellness at the same time and what's so fun is we have these for example yoga sessions and then when you're finished you grab a juice and then you're able to hangout."

Meeting their mission of offering healthy eating options in every aspect.

Schuck says, "Just knowing that it's a multi–faceted approach to health and we can't neglect one for the other and I think its really full–filling to be comprehensive of our approach of meeting the needs of our community."

They've also incorporated social activities after hours as well.

And with all of the positive feedback they have been receiving, they hope to expand their fitness classes to more than just once a week in the future.

You can find more information on classes by visiting: https://www.Facebook.com/wysiwygjuice/